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At each stage of an organization’s growth, situations arise that demand a higher level of focus and intensity than “business-as-usual.” These situations often require the development of new strategies, materials, and marketing methods that realign a firm’s capability with changing needs and market factors.

For these situations, there’s The INFORMA Group, a division of the Institute for Marketing Accountability, that brings together all of the components needed to achieve measurable results in marketing. INFORMA helps organizations achieve measurable growth goals by correlating various rates of growth to the marketing investment necessary to achieve them.

Results-Driven Marketing For Businesses In Growth Mode
We specialize in working with businesses that have a compelling need to maximize revenues, create and implement strategies for growth and leverage an existing asset base. This includes companies that are entering new markets, experiencing new competitive environments, introducing new products to the market, leveraging early stage growth, and implementing post acquisition/merger strategies.

But perhaps the best cases are where a company doesn’t know how to grow. They might face a saturated market, a product that has been commoditized, or uncertainty about the future. We help companies differentiate a product or service and invigorate growth through a new vision of what can be accomplished.

Outcome Based Marketing: Key to Marketing Impact
Simply stated, our methods, services and products help companies create engines for growth, differentiation and greater marketing ROI. Through a proprietary Outcome Based Marketing process, INFORMA clients make decisions about which marketing strategies and tactics to use based upon a clear understanding of the relationship between business acquisition cost and revenue growth.

We treat each assignment as a mission where we define specific outcomes and milestones, build a team rewarded by achieving them and provide systems and tools to manage and measure them. We often structure arrangements that tie our compensation to results and deadlines, so both our clients and we are rewarded by success.

Mature Businesses
• Redefine markets and
• Create new brand
• New product development
• Managing your customers

New Markets and Products
• Entering new markets
• Market share/penetration
• New product introductions
• New competitive

Specialized Situations
• Post merger strategies
• Post acquisition
• Crisis situations
• New business

• Defining/managing a new
• Creating measurement
• Creating a customer base
• Creating sustainable



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